Appraiser proudly appraising Washtenaw County since 1989 (and active in RE community since 1984)

Qualifications of the appraiser

  • Rachel Massey, SRA, is a long-time Ann Arbor area resident and real estate professional
  • She began her real estate career in 1984 at the venerable institution, Spear & Associates, seguing into appraisal full-time by 1989
  • In 2003, Rachel was awarded the prestigious SRA designation through The Appraisal Institute after completing rigorous peer review, education, and a written, narrative demonstration appraisal report
  • In 2008, Rachel went on to become one of only a small number of appraisers in Michigan who are nationally approved appraisal standards instructors (AQB Certified USPAP Instructor)
  • Rachel was one of the first members of the Michigan Council of Real Estate Appraisers (MiCREA), serving on the board until 2009 
  • She has served on the board for the Great Lakes Chapter of The Appraisal Institute and Rachel remains active within the appraisal community at large

Why does this matter?

Appraisals are not commodities.

Appraisals are independent opinions of value and are based on the appraisers experience, education, and local knowledge.  

Placing the decision to engage an appraiser solely on cost or turnaround time does not benefit the client in any way other than initial cost and time savings. 

An appraisal that is rushed may end up causing more problems than it solves, therefore allow ample time in the process to hire the right person to do the job in the first place.

Hire by qualifications, knowledge and integrity first.

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